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Jaden’s Sweet Suffering


Oh what a treat. Super sexy Asian bombshell Jaden Thorne Makes her debut at the Tickle Empire. Ever since I met this gorgeous tickle toy at a fetish gathering I’ve been dying to get her tied up and helpless. Thankfully, she was all for it when I asked her. Jaden is taken to the dungeon and chained completely helpless with heavy gauge steel while wearing only super sexy fishnet stockings with a garter, a stringy paper thin thong, and a black bra. With her arms stretched high above her head, she is tickled mercilessly on her sexy bare tummy, belly button, buttery smoothe underarms and a little on her sexy thighs and ass. A few minutes in our lovely ticklee loses the bra and is tickled for the rest of the duration while her beautiful breasts are fully exposed. All I can say is, what a sight. In the second portion, the gorgeous Jaden is tied tight on the torture table, sprawled out and helpless. She is covered (barely) only by the tiniest bikini possible. I was all too happy to dig into her soft, beautiful, bare flesh and tickle her all over her body as she screamed, giggled, and swore revenge on me. Jaden went absolutely nuts when I found her sweet spot, the inner thighs. She is immensely ticklish there and the screams showed it. I then untie Jaden’s bikini top revealing the remainder of her gorgeous, bare upper body. I torture her tummy, underarms, belly button and thighs a little more before moving onto her soft, sensitive and sexy legs and feet. As a bonus, I included a few minutes of Jaden’s lovely body being flogged at the end as I make her alternate counting the whips between Chinese and English!

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Jaden’s Sweet Suffering Preview


Monika Tortures Katrina On The Rack

Our T.V. personality is back in the dungeon, stretched out and vulnerable on the rack wearing nothing but a paper thin thong. I turn the crank and stretch her out before beginning on her buttersoft underarms. She squeals and laughs and pulls away. I then dig my fingers into her ribs throwing her into bursts of giggles. She thrashes all over and tries to get away as I tickle her sexy tits and run my nails over her exposed tummy. Monika then join me to torment our tickle slave. Monika tickles her tummy and I remain at her underarms blowing raspberries and using my nails. Monika or I must have hit a super sensitive spot because at a certain point Katrina lets out a super high pitched screech which makes me almost crack up. I held in my laugh and kept tickling though. Monika and I then flip her around on the rack so we can get a better shot at her feet and we torture her senseless rotating between her thighs and feet. Katrina was sweating like crazy by the end of the shoot. This clip is 10 minutes and 35 seconds long.


Monika Tortures Katrina On The Rack Preview


Monika’s Revenge: The Emperor Tortured On The Rack

The tables have turned. Monika has outsmarted The Emperor and now has him in the dungeon; stretched out and helpless. She jokes and pokes fun at me while she is is tying me up. Then she begins the merciless torment by starting on my clothed upper body. She barely even touches my underarms and im already squirming and giggling. She then unzips my shirt and runs her nails accross my bare, hyper sensitive skin. I could barely laugh as I struggled to breathe. She tickles me all over my underarms, sides, belly button, and ribs. Monika then feels it is time to torture my feet. She moves down and tickles my bare soles and toes with her finger nails. I struggled so hard that my feet broke out of the ropes and she had to hold them in place. She then scolded me for moving so much. Monika then moves back to my upper body to torture my hairless belly and underarms. My stomach hurt for 3 days after this shoot. This clip is 10 Minutes and 31 seconds long.



Monika’s Revenge: The Emperor Tortured On the Rack Preview


Monika “Back” On The Rack

Once again; The Emperor sees fit to subdue our beautiful tickle slave Monika and lock her up in the dungeon. Now tied face down, The Emperor forces Monika to endure cruel, torturous tickling all over her body. I begin by teasing her back and luring her into a false sense of relaxation. When I feel her muscles loosen up I dig my fingers into her bare sides as she thrashes and attempts to break the rack’s iron grasp. I then move to her helpless underarms and poke all over the hollows as she squeals and struggles furiously. I then move to her lower body and tickle the back of her knees. Monika is totally hyper sensitive on her legs. Eventually I move to her ass and run my nails all over her skin and near her pussy. I tickle her all over her buttersoft thighs and drive her to tickle hell. Finally, I move to her gorgeous little feet and scrape my nails all accross her soles and toes. By the end of the shoot, Monika is totally exausted and panting heavily. Dont miss another chance to see this genuinely ticklish girl get stretched out and tortured. This clip is 11 Minutes long.


Monika Back On The Rack Preview


Monika Stretched And Tortured On The Rack

Monika Tickle Tortured on The Rack

Click… Click.. Click… The crank ticks away the time until Monika is stretched tight and flat on the torture rack. Sporting a sexy and revealing school girl uniform which exposes all her ticklish areas; Monika lands herself back in the dungeon, waiting for The Emperor to torture her to madness. Her vulnerable, stretched out, ticklish body is completely exposed as I run my fingers all over her bare underarms, tummy, and belly button. I blow several raspberries in her belly and underarms making her writhe and squeal. Moments later I decree that it is time to let out Monika’s incredible breasts and torture them while still blowing raspberries in her belly and underarms. Then I move onto her thighs where I torture her milky smoothe skin relentlessly. Finally I move to her ticklish feet where I ruthlessly scratch her bare soles. I alternate between tickling her toes and stems of her feet with my mouth and fingers. Seeing Monika stretched and tortured like this is totally priceless. This video is 10 minutes and 48 seconds long.


Monika Tortured On The Rack Preview