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Angelie Tortures Jezabel

The Empire of ticklish agony reaches 10 years young and it is only appropriate that we re-introduce our 2 gorgeous tickle toys: Jezabel Knight and Angelie! After a long tickle torture session at the hands of The Emperor and Jezabel, Angelie now has the porcelain hotty tied to the cross for some cruel and ticklish revenge… Jezabel’s bare, sexy flesh is beautifully exposed by her black PVC bikini while Angelie makes her dominant debut in a spiked, studded leather bikini. Sexy Angelie enjoys her work way too much as she taunts and tickle tortures a whiny, squealing Jezabel into near madness. Our poor, writhing and wiggling tickle slave yelps and protests the torture to no avail. Merciless Angelie is determined to get her revenge and torture every apology she can out of poor, helpless Jezabel as she tickles her on her bare tummy, underarms, and legs. Don’t miss this sexy revenge tickle of these two bikini-clad cuties. Thank you to all the lovely gals and guys that have supported us over the years. You’re amazing!

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Jaden’s Sweet Suffering


Oh what a treat. Super sexy Asian bombshell Jaden Thorne Makes her debut at the Tickle Empire. Ever since I met this gorgeous tickle toy at a fetish gathering I’ve been dying to get her tied up and helpless. Thankfully, she was all for it when I asked her. Jaden is taken to the dungeon and chained completely helpless with heavy gauge steel while wearing only super sexy fishnet stockings with a garter, a stringy paper thin thong, and a black bra. With her arms stretched high above her head, she is tickled mercilessly on her sexy bare tummy, belly button, buttery smoothe underarms and a little on her sexy thighs and ass. A few minutes in our lovely ticklee loses the bra and is tickled for the rest of the duration while her beautiful breasts are fully exposed. All I can say is, what a sight. In the second portion, the gorgeous Jaden is tied tight on the torture table, sprawled out and helpless. She is covered (barely) only by the tiniest bikini possible. I was all too happy to dig into her soft, beautiful, bare flesh and tickle her all over her body as she screamed, giggled, and swore revenge on me. Jaden went absolutely nuts when I found her sweet spot, the inner thighs. She is immensely ticklish there and the screams showed it. I then untie Jaden’s bikini top revealing the remainder of her gorgeous, bare upper body. I torture her tummy, underarms, belly button and thighs a little more before moving onto her soft, sensitive and sexy legs and feet. As a bonus, I included a few minutes of Jaden’s lovely body being flogged at the end as I make her alternate counting the whips between Chinese and English!

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Jaden’s Sweet Suffering Preview


Snake Eyes: Angelie’s Torture Continues


This is a SMOKING hot clip. Gorgeous Angelie is now laid flat on the torture table and tied tighty. Mistress Jezabel and I torment her beautiful bare body as she laughs, screams, and begs for us to stop. Angelie’s begs are so adorable as Jezabel dismisses her pleas and teases her even more. Jezabel and I then pull out the dice to torture Angelie further with a cruel tickling game. We roll both dice to see which spots we will tickle. In a sheer instant of misfortune for poor Angelie; Jezabel and I roll a 1 and a 6 which means we tickle her feet and underarms; Angelies most ticklish spots! Angelie howls and screams in ticklish agony and anguish that lady luck has turned against her. We then play a game where we rest the dice on Angelie’s beautiful breasts and tickle her underarms. If they drop, we attack her feet… Naturally, the dice drop due to Angelie’s struggling and we then rest the dice on her hips telling her if they fall then we rotate back to her underarms and the cycle starts over. This is an incredibly fun video with one hot little tickle slave. Enjoy. This clip is 16 Minutes and 39 Seconds long.


Snake Eyes: Angelie’s Torture Continues Preview


Angelie Bar-Spread & Tickled Insane


At last, we see one of Tickle Empire’s most INSANELY TICKLISH models return! Super sexy Mexican bombshell Angelie returns to the dungeon, and we love her for it! Our sexy girl is covered only by a short, thin tube top and a stringy thin thong. This leaves more than enough of her body exposed for me to dig my fingers into her smooth, ticklish skin as she screams and begs endlessly. Let it be known that Angelie NEVER STOPS LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY. Check out the previews and see for yourself. She’s the kind of girl that you wanna chain up in your room and tickle torture forever. About a third through the video our sexy Domme Mistress Jezabel Knight shows up to tickle Angelie way past her limits. Her giggling is so cute as Jezabel runs her nails up and down her bare skin. Two thirds through Jezabel removes Angelie’s top and we tickle torture her naked flesh covered only by a stringy thong until beads of sweat run down her smoking body. This is an awesome vid for upper body fans. Some leg tickling. This video is a long one clocking in at 16 Minutes & 14 Seconds. We couldn’t take our fingers off of her.

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Angelie Bar-Spread & Tickled Insane Preview


Angelie’s Riddle Punishment

Our Mexican beauty Angelie makes her return to the dungeon to be mercilessly tortured by The Emperor. In our last clip, Angelie fails to solve the riddle and calls out the safe word. Now she is to serve her punishment on the bondage swing being tickled senseless. She starts off wearing a sexy see through black mesh top and a tiny black thong. The Emperor tickles her on her bare, sensitive, helpless tummy, underarms, ribs, and belly button. Angelie screeches wildly as The Emperor raspberries her soft belly and tickles her all over her body. Soon after Angelie loses her top and is tickled on her incredible breasts. The Emperor then moves to her feet despite Angelie’s pleading protests and begins running his nails across her bare soles. The Emperor also employs the use of the electric toothbrush to further torment Angelie. The Emperor buzzes the toothbrush on the stems of Angelie’s feet making her scream and beg to let it all end. Can she get the riddle before she passes into tickle hell?  This clip is 12 minutes and 4 seconds long.


Angelie’s Riddle Punishment Upper Body Segment Preview
Angelie’s Riddle Punishment Lower Body Segment Preview


Angelie Riddle Tickled

Angelie tickle tortured on the cross!
It gives me an insurmountable quantity of pleasure to introduce one of our most hyper ticklish models to date. Ladies and gents; meet the gorgeous Mexican bombshell Angelie. We did something a little different for this vid. Angelie is given a riddle and told the tickling will not stop until she can solve it. This is a true interrogation incorporated into a tickling video. Angelie struggles like mad to solve the riddle. She screams and giggles spastically wherever I touch her. Upper body fans will fall insanely in love with this girl as she is an absolute doll and begs in a sexy spanish accent. Don’t miss out on hearing this hyper ticklish hotty beg and plead for me to give her the answer. This video is 7 minutes and 30 seconds long.


Angelie Riddle Tickled Preview


Monika Tortures Katrina On The Rack

Our T.V. personality is back in the dungeon, stretched out and vulnerable on the rack wearing nothing but a paper thin thong. I turn the crank and stretch her out before beginning on her buttersoft underarms. She squeals and laughs and pulls away. I then dig my fingers into her ribs throwing her into bursts of giggles. She thrashes all over and tries to get away as I tickle her sexy tits and run my nails over her exposed tummy. Monika then join me to torment our tickle slave. Monika tickles her tummy and I remain at her underarms blowing raspberries and using my nails. Monika or I must have hit a super sensitive spot because at a certain point Katrina lets out a super high pitched screech which makes me almost crack up. I held in my laugh and kept tickling though. Monika and I then flip her around on the rack so we can get a better shot at her feet and we torture her senseless rotating between her thighs and feet. Katrina was sweating like crazy by the end of the shoot. This clip is 10 minutes and 35 seconds long.


Monika Tortures Katrina On The Rack Preview


Monika Tortures Katrina On The Cross

Monika Tickles Katrina

Tickle Empire celebrates its first all female F/F tickle clip and who better to make it happen than our gorgeous top model Monika Maple and Webdreams star Katrina B. Monika starts by tickling our pet T.V. personality on her bare sides and underarms making her giggle and squirm. Katrina looks so sexy as she moves around and tries to escape from Monika’s fingers. Monika tortures Katrina’s helpless belly through the opening on her clothes and then makes her way behind the cross to tickle her so she can’t see it coming. In this position Monika tickles the sides of Katrina’s breasts as they fall out of her top and bounce all over the place. Monika then lifts Katrina’s top over her head to let out her sexy firm tits and tickles her bare ribs, underarms, and around her belly. Monika then moves down and runs her nails on Katrina’s exposed thighs and makes her buck and thrash trying to break the cross. Monika finally finishes Katrina off by torturing her bare feet. Our last shot shows a very tired Katrina panting and sinking on the cross. This clip is 10 minutes and 37 seconds long.


Monika Tortures Katrina On The Cross Preview