Jezabel’s Agonizing Return: Spread-Eagle


Jezabel knight makes her long awaited return to the Tickle Empire. In this clip we see our sexy little vixen tied spread eagle to the cast-iron bed posts; helpless and exposed to the Emperor’s cruel tortures. I begin on Jezabel’s bare, stretched out tummy and tickle her into helpless fits of giggles. My fingers dance all over her helpless ribs and belly button as she squirms and tried to break the bed that holds her. I trail my nails down the underside of her biceps and make my way to her hyper-sensitive underarms. She begins to scream, squeal, and bite me. Jezabel never stops protesting and insists that she “hates my face”. I move back to Jezabel’s phenomenal tummy and begin to blow a few raspberries on her sexy belly button. Jezabel begs me for a break and I oblige. We return to the scene where I threaten Jezabel with the slapper if she bites me again. I whack her a few times and end up less than satisfied with her response. I then make her count the hits. The last segment of the clip features me torturing Jezabel’s lower body. I tickle her legs and feet as she begs for mercy. Don’t miss out on Jezabel’s second sexy tickle torture experience! This video is 11 minutes and 6 seconds long.

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Jezabel’s Agonizing Return: Spread-Eagle Preview


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