Jezabel’s Agonizing Return: Arms Up


The second segment of Jezabel’s agonizing return features our lovely slave tied with her hands high above her head. I begin by running my fingers across her bare, unprotected tummy as she squirms and tries to flee from the torture. I tickle all over her soft, sensitive upper body as I blow raspberries on her vulnerable belly button. The hollows of her underarms are an ideal target as she is stretched vertically and completely incapable of stopping the torment. Jezabel’s ribs are spared no mercy as I dig into her flesh making her scream in protest. I then move onto her soft, buttery thighs. Jezabel’s legs and feet are incredibly ticklish. She screams and howls as I dig in to her thighs and ass. I then move back up to her superb upper body and she struggles and squirms to get away. Jezabel’s thin, lacey bra is then removed and pulled away to reveal her sexy, perfect breasts. Her legs are also tied to prevent further running away. I continue to torture her now completely exposed upper body, tickling her sexy boobs, underarms, and tummy. With her legs now tied, her mobility is severely impaired and more effective torture on her legs and ass commences as she begs and pleads for mercy. Jezabel is tremendously thankful when the torture finally ends. This clip is 9 minutes and 1 second long.

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Jezabel’s Agonizing Return: Arms Up Preview


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