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Helpless women tortured by The Emperor

Jaden’s Sweet Suffering


Oh what a treat. Super sexy Asian bombshell Jaden Thorne Makes her debut at the Tickle Empire. Ever since I met this gorgeous tickle toy at a fetish gathering I’ve been dying to get her tied up and helpless. Thankfully, she was all for it when I asked her. Jaden is taken to the dungeon and chained completely helpless with heavy gauge steel while wearing only super sexy fishnet stockings with a garter, a stringy paper thin thong, and a black bra. With her arms stretched high above her head, she is tickled mercilessly on her sexy bare tummy, belly button, buttery smoothe underarms and a little on her sexy thighs and ass. A few minutes in our lovely ticklee loses the bra and is tickled for the rest of the duration while her beautiful breasts are fully exposed. All I can say is, what a sight. In the second portion, the gorgeous Jaden is tied tight on the torture table, sprawled out and helpless. She is covered (barely) only by the tiniest bikini possible. I was all too happy to dig into her soft, beautiful, bare flesh and tickle her all over her body as she screamed, giggled, and swore revenge on me. Jaden went absolutely nuts when I found her sweet spot, the inner thighs. She is immensely ticklish there and the screams showed it. I then untie Jaden’s bikini top revealing the remainder of her gorgeous, bare upper body. I torture her tummy, underarms, belly button and thighs a little more before moving onto her soft, sensitive and sexy legs and feet. As a bonus, I included a few minutes of Jaden’s lovely body being flogged at the end as I make her alternate counting the whips between Chinese and English!

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Jaden’s Sweet Suffering Preview


Snake Eyes: Angelie’s Torture Continues


This is a SMOKING hot clip. Gorgeous Angelie is now laid flat on the torture table and tied tighty. Mistress Jezabel and I torment her beautiful bare body as she laughs, screams, and begs for us to stop. Angelie’s begs are so adorable as Jezabel dismisses her pleas and teases her even more. Jezabel and I then pull out the dice to torture Angelie further with a cruel tickling game. We roll both dice to see which spots we will tickle. In a sheer instant of misfortune for poor Angelie; Jezabel and I roll a 1 and a 6 which means we tickle her feet and underarms; Angelies most ticklish spots! Angelie howls and screams in ticklish agony and anguish that lady luck has turned against her. We then play a game where we rest the dice on Angelie’s beautiful breasts and tickle her underarms. If they drop, we attack her feet… Naturally, the dice drop due to Angelie’s struggling and we then rest the dice on her hips telling her if they fall then we rotate back to her underarms and the cycle starts over. This is an incredibly fun video with one hot little tickle slave. Enjoy. This clip is 16 Minutes and 39 Seconds long.


Snake Eyes: Angelie’s Torture Continues Preview


Angelie Bar-Spread & Tickled Insane


At last, we see one of Tickle Empire’s most INSANELY TICKLISH models return! Super sexy Mexican bombshell Angelie returns to the dungeon, and we love her for it! Our sexy girl is covered only by a short, thin tube top and a stringy thin thong. This leaves more than enough of her body exposed for me to dig my fingers into her smooth, ticklish skin as she screams and begs endlessly. Let it be known that Angelie NEVER STOPS LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY. Check out the previews and see for yourself. She’s the kind of girl that you wanna chain up in your room and tickle torture forever. About a third through the video our sexy Domme Mistress Jezabel Knight shows up to tickle Angelie way past her limits. Her giggling is so cute as Jezabel runs her nails up and down her bare skin. Two thirds through Jezabel removes Angelie’s top and we tickle torture her naked flesh covered only by a stringy thong until beads of sweat run down her smoking body. This is an awesome vid for upper body fans. Some leg tickling. This video is a long one clocking in at 16 Minutes & 14 Seconds. We couldn’t take our fingers off of her.

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Angelie Bar-Spread & Tickled Insane Preview


Jezabel’s Agonizing Return: Arms Up


The second segment of Jezabel’s agonizing return features our lovely slave tied with her hands high above her head. I begin by running my fingers across her bare, unprotected tummy as she squirms and tries to flee from the torture. I tickle all over her soft, sensitive upper body as I blow raspberries on her vulnerable belly button. The hollows of her underarms are an ideal target as she is stretched vertically and completely incapable of stopping the torment. Jezabel’s ribs are spared no mercy as I dig into her flesh making her scream in protest. I then move onto her soft, buttery thighs. Jezabel’s legs and feet are incredibly ticklish. She screams and howls as I dig in to her thighs and ass. I then move back up to her superb upper body and she struggles and squirms to get away. Jezabel’s thin, lacey bra is then removed and pulled away to reveal her sexy, perfect breasts. Her legs are also tied to prevent further running away. I continue to torture her now completely exposed upper body, tickling her sexy boobs, underarms, and tummy. With her legs now tied, her mobility is severely impaired and more effective torture on her legs and ass commences as she begs and pleads for mercy. Jezabel is tremendously thankful when the torture finally ends. This clip is 9 minutes and 1 second long.

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Jezabel’s Agonizing Return: Arms Up Preview


Jezabel’s Agonizing Return: Spread-Eagle


Jezabel knight makes her long awaited return to the Tickle Empire. In this clip we see our sexy little vixen tied spread eagle to the cast-iron bed posts; helpless and exposed to the Emperor’s cruel tortures. I begin on Jezabel’s bare, stretched out tummy and tickle her into helpless fits of giggles. My fingers dance all over her helpless ribs and belly button as she squirms and tried to break the bed that holds her. I trail my nails down the underside of her biceps and make my way to her hyper-sensitive underarms. She begins to scream, squeal, and bite me. Jezabel never stops protesting and insists that she “hates my face”. I move back to Jezabel’s phenomenal tummy and begin to blow a few raspberries on her sexy belly button. Jezabel begs me for a break and I oblige. We return to the scene where I threaten Jezabel with the slapper if she bites me again. I whack her a few times and end up less than satisfied with her response. I then make her count the hits. The last segment of the clip features me torturing Jezabel’s lower body. I tickle her legs and feet as she begs for mercy. Don’t miss out on Jezabel’s second sexy tickle torture experience! This video is 11 minutes and 6 seconds long.

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Jezabel’s Agonizing Return: Spread-Eagle Preview


Jezabel’s Payback


They say in this industry one must never fall in love… sue me. I knew right from the moment I set my eyes on her that she was a star. Ladies and gents; prepare for the unreasonably gorgeous Jezabel Knight’s first experience as a ticklee. Bianca, being a real life friend of mine as well as Jezabel’s last victim begged me to get some serious revenge on the ivory skinned beauty. I was more than happy to comply since I was dubbed by Bianca as being “a better tickler than herself”. Jezabel is tied with her arms straight up and her legs stretched as much as they can be and secured to the two bed posts. I begin by straddling her and taunting her. Then I start by running my nails all over her bare, sexy smooth tummy and ribs. I continue to torture her on her helpless underarms, tummy and thighs all the while blowing raspberries on her belly button. I totally fell in love with Jezabel’s stomach and as a result; paid as much attention to it as I possibly could. Jezabel’s laughing and begging could as just as well have come from an angel. She begs, pleads moans, and screams constantly as I tickle her with my fingers and the electric toothbrush. I then move to Jezabel’s nylon clad feet after she begs me to move away from her underarms which are by far the most hypersensitive that I have ever worked with. Jezabel insists that her feet belong to her despite my order that they are my toys. After working on her feet and legs with my fingers and the electric toothbrush, I move back to her upper body and dish out the last minutes of torture while Jezabel begs and screams until she is virtually out of breath and yes, I was bit by her twice. This one is gold people don’t miss out. This clip is 10 minutes and 44 seconds long.


Jezabel’s Payback Preview


Monika’s Oily Tickle Torture

For me, Monika is the perfect submissive. She does what she is told, takes the torture she is given, and generally is a good and obedient torture slave. It is completely inconceivable to ever get tired of tickling her bare, beautiful, helpless body. For this video I did one better. I tickle her bare, beautiful, OILED body. I have often fantasized what it would be like to torture a sexy, oiled up slave and I believe Monika was the perfect sub to actualize this fantasy. She is first laid on the bed wearing a sexy one piece golden dress. I tie her hands above her head and begin tickling her body through her clothes. She squirms and giggles in her signature squeal. I then slide her dress up to reveal her sexy bare body covered only by a paper thin yellow thong. I begin to poor oil all over her soft tummy and underarms twitching my fingers all the while making her laugh and squirm. I tickle all over her bare, oily tummy, underarms, ribs, boobs, and belly button. Naturally, Monika’s ticklish thighs escape no torment. Don’t miss the tickle torture of Monika’s sexy, oiled up body. This video is 7 minutes and 55 seconds long.

Monika’s Oily Tickle Torture Preview


Monika Chained To The Chair

Once again the lovely Monika Maple is captured and locked in the dungeon. She is chained to a heavy, steel chair with her arms stretched above her head and her feet straight out. Unfortunately for our little slave girl, she has nothing but a sexy, thin leopard bra and thong on. Having absolutely no sympathy for Monika’s predicament, I begin to torture her bare, helpless underarms. Monika’s signature squeal fills the dungeon as I move down to her smooth, sexy tummy. I then remove Monika’s bra and begin to tickle her tits and raspberry her belly. Against my wishes, Monika kept her belly rings in thinking her belly would escape the worst of torture. She soon learns that it is not wise to try the patience of The Emperor and so I employ the electric toothbrush to further torment her. Monika is now blindfolded and I move down to her feet where I tickle her senseless with my fingernails and the electric toothbrush. Monika gives a warm hello to the members of the Tickling Forum at the end of this clip which I thought was priceless considering the amount of grief we have cause her. Don’t miss out on seeing our adorable slave get tortured to the brink of insanity once again. This clip is 8 Minutes and 50 Seconds long.


Monika Chained To The Chair Preview


Monika Hogtied

Monika Hogtied!

Monika returns once again, this time sporting a sexy racer’s uniform. As per usual, this relatively trivial event has landed her in the dungeon once again for reasons beyond anybody’s control. Monika is hogtied on the floor and tickled mercilessly by The Emperor. Watch Monika writhe and wiggle to get away from my fingers reaching inside her outfit and tickling on her bare skin. Monika’s feet are not shown any mercy either. I tickle her on her bare, sexy feet with my fingernails and the electric toothbrush while she utters her hot, signature squeak giggle. This video is 7 Minutes and 7 Seconds long.


Monika Hogtied Preview


Monika’s Tank Top Tickle Torture

I will officially go on record saying that one could never get tired of tickling Monika’s flesh. Of course, seeing her in a tank top and a pair of sexy short jeans doesn’t really speed up the process of becoming bored with her. Having somewhat of a “girl in tank top” fetish, I was more that willing to torture the hell out of Monika once again. I begin on her bare, unprotected underarms. Monika lets out her signature squeal as I wiggle my fingers over her top and then reach under to tickle her bare tummy. Much to my dismay, Monika left her belly rings in against my wishes. Perhaps she thought it would escape attention… she was wrong. I then tickle Monika on her sensitive thighs while blowing raspberries on her belly button. Monika’s top is removed exposing her beautiful breasts and the second scene opens with me blindfolding her. She is tickled all over her bare body while squeaking, struggling, and laughing. This clip is 7 minutes and 49 seconds long.


Monika’s Tank Top Tickle Torture Preview