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Lovely ladies taking revenge on mankind!

Monika’s Revenge: The Emperor Tortured On The Rack

The tables have turned. Monika has outsmarted The Emperor and now has him in the dungeon; stretched out and helpless. She jokes and pokes fun at me while she is is tying me up. Then she begins the merciless torment by starting on my clothed upper body. She barely even touches my underarms and im already squirming and giggling. She then unzips my shirt and runs her nails accross my bare, hyper sensitive skin. I could barely laugh as I struggled to breathe. She tickles me all over my underarms, sides, belly button, and ribs. Monika then feels it is time to torture my feet. She moves down and tickles my bare soles and toes with her finger nails. I struggled so hard that my feet broke out of the ropes and she had to hold them in place. She then scolded me for moving so much. Monika then moves back to my upper body to torture my hairless belly and underarms. My stomach hurt for 3 days after this shoot. This clip is 10 Minutes and 31 seconds long.



Monika’s Revenge: The Emperor Tortured On the Rack Preview