Bianca Bagged & Gagged

Jezabel tortured bagged Bianca

Throughout my life, seeing beautiful women tease each other verbally and mix it in with tickling was a huge turn on for me. I wanted to try and capture the magic of this on camera as best as I could. This video focuses less on relentless tickle torture and more on mental domination. Jezabel was the perfect pick for this particular project being so verbally effective and so physically sexy. Bianca, being a first timer, was of course the perfect receiver. Jezabel taunts and teases Bianca with an assortment of verbal games that she uses to drive Bianca out of her mind. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jezabel work as she tortures Bianca with tickles and words. In the first segment, Bianca is hogtied and blinded with a red veil matching her sexy lingerie. Jezabel tickles her with her fingers, the water pick, (which they insist on calling “the pokey thing”) and the electric toothbrush. Bianca is then tied spread eagle on her back while Jezabel continues to dominate her mentally and physically. I really loved watching these two play and I would love to know what you think. Drop me a line. This video is 16 minutes and 48 seconds long.


Bianca Bagged & Gagged Preview