Jezabel Deflowers Bianca

The Tickle Emperor is absolutely thrilled to introduce 2 gorgeous new tickle slaves. The first is our excuisitely beautiful tickler; Jezabel Knight. Jezabel’s sexy dominating demeanor was just aching to come out to a very unfortunate torture toy. Luckily for us, that toy was the lovely Bianca King. Bianca has never had a BDSM related experience and was totally opposed to being tied and tortured by a complete stranger. After a very convincing story, I finally got Bianca to agree to be tied and tickled. Jezabel walks slowly over to Bianca sporting a sexy silver outfit. She begins tickling Bianca’s upper body with a sharp, stiff feather as Bianca struggles in a squeaky, desperate manner. Bianca; wearing sexy, revealing black lingerie is feathered all over her bare body while being teased and taunted by Jezabel. Bianca is then attacked by Jezabel’s skilled fingers while being forced to thank her for the torture. Jezabel’s long fingernails run all over Bianca’s skin as she hops wherever she can to escape the torture. Jezabel employs various tools of torture to reduce Bianca to a giggling wreck including the water pick and the electric toothbrush. Jezabel also forces Bianca to count to 10 while being tortured on her feet. Don’t miss out on seeing Bianca’s first non-vanilla experience. This video is 11 Minutes and 49 Seconds long.
Jezabel tickle tortures Bianca!     

Jezabel Deflowers Bianca Preview


Monika Hogtied

Monika Hogtied!

Monika returns once again, this time sporting a sexy racer’s uniform. As per usual, this relatively trivial event has landed her in the dungeon once again for reasons beyond anybody’s control. Monika is hogtied on the floor and tickled mercilessly by The Emperor. Watch Monika writhe and wiggle to get away from my fingers reaching inside her outfit and tickling on her bare skin. Monika’s feet are not shown any mercy either. I tickle her on her bare, sexy feet with my fingernails and the electric toothbrush while she utters her hot, signature squeak giggle. This video is 7 Minutes and 7 Seconds long.


Monika Hogtied Preview